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Laon region, your best getaway for groups holidays

Long-believed to be an absolute must-try, Laon region is for so long a byword for leisure and entertainment thanks to noteworthy facilities which include hideaways, students accommodations, campsites, and sport centers. Let's roam around some unmissable places for your next group holidays at Laon ! 

© Vincent Colin

© Anne-Sophie Flament

© Anne-Sophie Flament

CAP Aisne  _____________________

Cap Aisne is all set to host groups visitors, for a hassle-free journey, especially who are looking to practice either watersports like catamaran, kayaking and canoe or biking aside from Ailette Lake. Let's discover main features of the center. 



CPIE Aisne _____________________

CPIE, near Laon within 20 minutes of the city, was founded in 1975 to provide refuge for vegetation and farm animals as part of ecoutourism prospect. They also organize responsible, sustainable and environmentally friendly outdoor activities across the Aisne. 

levindrey sport complex _____________________

Levindrey sport center offers great opportunities to organize competitions as well as trainings for a wide range of sports disciplines. Groups can come here to break a sweat and enjoy friendly games with locals. Let's go over the complex with this presentation video. 

Kyriad Hotel _____________________

Idealy located near the bypass, natatorium, Bowling alleys, along city center road, Kyriad Hotel is affordable, convenient, and includes rooms with different bed sizes, plus restaurant, notably for lunchtime and evening meals,  and a relaxation hall at the entrance.