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The Chemin des Dames near Ailette Valleys, was at the core of the First World War. You can head off your tour by visiting the french military cemetery of cerny-en laonnois.It contains the graves of 5,150 French Soldiers and 54 Russians. You can also include a stopover in Plateau de Californie, a theatre of terrible fighting in 1917.  Along with Plateau de Caliornie, you can visit the Dragon’s Lair, a former limestone quarry located nearly 50 feet below ground, which offers a poignant insight into the lives of soldiers during the Great War. 

L' Aisne, votre destination loisir

 The Chemin des Dames, as First World War battlefield, concentrates british memorials and cemeteries, dedicated to troops who lay down their lifes during the great war. Vendresse Cemetery contains the graves of 728 british soldiers, passed away notably during fights of september 1914. More explications with Yves. 

Il était une fois dans l'Aisne 

Amid the Chemin des Dames, Jean-Pierre Rives, former french rugbyman captain funded First World War Rugby Memorial. Inaugurated on september 2017 as continued remembrance of british rugby players killed in the war.